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Vitebsk commerce and production republican unitary enterprise “Pharmaciya” - a leading pharmaceutical company of Vitebsk region. Pharmaceutical Service plays a vital role in the health system in addressing drug supply, treatment process, as well as of preventive and anti-sanitrno events.

Statistically 90% of conducting a diagnostic, preventive and curative health interventions require the use of medicines. Today our focus is on sohnanenie veschuschih positions in the pharmaceutical industry, in accordance with the requirements of modernity.

Vitebsk UE "Pharmaciya" is the largest seller and buyer in the wholesale pharmaceutical market Vitebsk and Vitebsk region.

Our pharmacy has the largest among all pharmaceutical companies in the region range of medicines, medical equipment, medical supplies and other pharmacy products range.

We guarantee masimalny range, excellent service, service-oiled mechanism for organizing the delivery of goods to consumers and prompt information support.

We thank you for your choice, welcome to cooperate and hope that it will be productive!


Elena Orlova, General Director