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History of foundation

History of foundation and further development of the state pharmacy service goes back to the first days of Soviet power existence.

Sanitary-medical section of Vitebsk province Soviet of Workers’, Soldiers’ and Peasants’ Deputies was organized on December 20, 1917, one of the subsections of which was the pharmaceutical one.

Because of the abolishment of Vitebsk province on March 20, 1924, district-urban Administration of the pharmaceutical enterprises was established, it later being given the name of Administration of the pharmaceutical enterprises of Vitebsk okrug (region) “Pharmpravlenie”.

In August 1930 because of the abolishment of Vitebsk okrug , the Administration of the pharmaceutical enterprises ‘Pharmapravlenie” seized to exist.

Vitebsk regional pharmacy Administration of People’s Commissariat of Public Health of the Republic of Belarus was organized in 1944-1950. The main tasks of the Administration were to establish integral network of medicinal provision  of health care institutions and population of the Republic of Belarus and also to manage pharmacies and pharmaceutical enterprises.

In the years to come the pharmacy Administration was repeatedly reorganized. Since August 2000 it has been reregistered and given a new name of commercial- and- industrial republican unitary enterprise “Pharmaciya”.

As it is seen from a short excursion into the historical domain, our pharmaceutical service has been developing gradually.

Currently, the system of pharmacy network is functioning in conformity with General pharmacy practice.

The provision of the population with medicinal agents is carried out by 262 pharmacies including:

-  30 pharmacies of the 1st category (20 central district pharmacies),

-  22 pharmacies of the 2nd category, 

-  40 pharmacies of the 3d category,

-  84 pharmacies of the 4th category,

-  86 pharmacies of the 5th category.

The number of town pharmacies is 112, including 52 pharmacies situated in the town of Vitebsk, 29 – in the town of Orsha, 13 – in the town of Polotsk, 18 – in the town of Novopolotsk, 150 – in Vitebsk region.

The present structure of Vitebsk UE “Pharmaciya” provides 171% implementation of the requirements according to the Decree of the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus №724 dated 30.05.2003

“On measures aimed at application of the system of state social standards concerning the service of the population of the Republic of Belarus”. The work load per pharmacy has accounted for 4.7 thousand people (the approved measurement data of service of the population in a state pharmacy is 8.000 residents per one pharmacy).

To make medicinal aid available for the rural population, the medical staff of 469 treatment-and-prophylactic institutions provides the rural dwellers with medicinal agents, health care items and other pharmacy goods. Medicinal aid through the chain of pharmacies of Vitebsk UE “Pharmacy” is also available at week-ends and red-letter days. Round- o’clock service has been organized in four pharmacies in the towns of Vitebsk, Polotsk, Novopolotsk and Orsha.

Today pharmacies of Vitebsk UE “Pharmaciya” serve as guarantors of the state the aim of which is to provide availability of medicinal aid for the population as well as provision of medicinal agents at reduced prices or free of charge.

Vitebsk   commerce –and- production republican unitary enterprise “Pharmaciya” acts on the grounds of the Charter in conformity with the licenses given.

The goals of the enterprise activity are as follows:

- to meet in due time total  demands of the population, health service institutions and other organizations in medicinal agents, medical equipment, items for children’s care, biologically active nutrients, articles for personal hygiene and disinfectants;

- to provide control over the quality of medicinal agents and health care items;

- to maintain referral service for the population, health service institutions and other organizations;

- to organize the activity relating to rational use of the enterprise belonging  and gaining profit.

The main objectives of the enterprise are as follows:

- Improvement of medicinal provision of the population and treatment-and-prophylactic institutions  of the region;

- further improvement in provision of qualitative, available and efficient medicinal aid for the population and treatment-and-prophylactic institutions;

- implementation of  state social standards in pharmacy service of the population;

- making prognoses of socio-economic development;

- improvement of the material and technical basis of the enterprise “Pharmaciya”;

- development of the staff’s potential.

The activity of  Vitebsk UE “Pharmaciya” is aimed at qualitative, accessible and due provision of medicinal aid for the population and health care institutions, implementation of territorial programs on social standards in the field of health service.